Weekly Curated was created in November 2017 and is a private project made in Vienna, Austria┬á­č玭čç╣. Who is the creator of Weekly Curated? Let me introduce┬ámyself to you: my name is Christoph, I am 20 years old. I am addicted to tech, especially electronics and developing applications for iOS (I am also the developer of Pacific and SkyPilot 2 at CyanicSpace.com).

The idea behind Weekly Curated

Well, in the past months I saw many good blog entries and detailed reviews about apps. But these articles are often posted irregularly or rarely and that is what I want to change. With Weekly Curated I want to publish a detailed review about one or more apps every week.

If it turns out that this site gets enough attraction I am ready to expand the variety to other topics. Let’s see what happens!

If you have any questions, want to give feedback or have ideas for improvement you can contact me on Twitter @analoguebyte. Happy reading!

Our logo(s)

There are currently two versions of our logo available, one slightly green with a little amount of blue and the default logo which features fresh red and violet colors.


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