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Curated Collection #1: Productivity apps for students

This is the first article of the “Curated Collection” series. In Curated Collections we are going to introduce a collection of apps for a specific topic, as productivity apps for iOS.

Let us start with to-do apps.

As I am a student I have tried many apps within the past years and my favorite app is Things which is made by Cultured Code, a company which is known for quality software. It has a gorgeous design and an easy to use interface which is perfectly integrated with the latest features, such as drag and drop, on iOS 11.

Things Hero 3 - iOS
Things 3 on iPad & iPhone

Things supports literally everything you would expect from a to-do list application like creating tasks with a deadline, reminders as push notifications, create projects with tasks and subheadings for more structure and many more. One feature which is really useful is the “Upcoming” view which also displays calendar entries directly from all set-up calendars on iOS. In summary, Things is fast to use due to its drag and drop features while giving you a good-looking overview of your tasks with no disturbing user interface.

Lastly, Things is available on iOS – iPad and iPhone are separate purchases – and macOS with a heavy price tag. Nevertheless, I can recommend Things to every student.

Get Things for iPhone
Get Things for iPad
Get Things for macOS

Next, note taking apps.

There are many apps for writing during a lecture. Though, there is one which stands out and that is OneNote. Due to its support on almost every platform, note taking is very easy and in addition with OneDrive it is very powerful. OneNote lets you create multiple notebooks with topics, like the class name, and pages which lets you organize your notes very good. Furthermore, it supports inline PDF viewing, where you can add handwritten notes by using Apple Pencil.

One of my class notes.

Personally, OneNote is my preferred choice due to it’s structure and availability on any other platform.

Get OneNote


Annotate & edit PDFs.

When it comes to annotating or editing PDF files, PDF Expert is my recommendation. It lets you open any PDF from the built-in files browser which also includes support for the Files app. So, you can open a PDF which is stored in OneDrive without copying it to the application.

Annotate with Apple Pencil - iPad

One of the major key-features of PDF Expert is its capability to edit the text inside PDF files which makes it very handy if you want to add some notes to it. Additionally, you can add images, draw with Apple Pencil and highlight important sections.

Get PDF Expert


(1) Green Timer Running_preview
Time 2 – Dashboard with a task running.

In order to prevent me from procrastinating I use Time 2 which we covered recently. To sum it up, the app lets you create Tasks with a duration and if you get closer to the end the app turns red, which gives you motivation to finish the task more efficiently. One new beneficial feature is its notifications if you exit the app which saves you from procrastinating by using other apps.

Get Time 2

That’s it.

That is the end of our first app collection! Personally, I hope you like(d) it and if you have any suggestions or feedback send it to us through our contact page.

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