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Improve your productivity with Time 2

Holidays are almost over – it’s time to start to focus on school, study or work.

There are many apps which are trying to improve your productivity and Time 2 is one of them but with a slightly different approach.

The idea behind Time 2 is to be faster than the time you set when you created a task. This technique works very well as you force yourself to concentrate in order to beat the countdown. In addition, as soon as you start a task a green wave is displayed on the screen which changes its colors from green to red. So, you can see that you should be done really soon. Additionally, Time 2 also helps you to prevent procrastinating tasks by this technique as it reduces some stress with the timer function.

(1) Green Timer Running_preview
Time 2 with a task running

With its simple interface, you just need to type in three details for a task: “what you want to do”, “for how long” and “when”. That’s it. Furthermore, you can plan tasks in the future or set them to repeating (daily & weekly) and you can even set a reminder at a specific time.

To sum up, Time 2 shows good improvements when you use it more often, as you will get used to it and you force yourself to finish the task before the countdown ends. Time 2 is definitely worth 1,99$!

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