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Pacific – get instant information about your movement & location

Pacific is location information application. It simply shows all details like the speed, altitude, coordinates and much more in its dashboard. Additionally, Pacific includes widgets which are displaying this information in realtime as well.

First, let’s start with the Dashboard right inside the app.
Once you have passed the introduction scenes the Dashboard shows the first so called Dashboard items which are displaying the altitude, speed, heading, pressure and coordinates of the device by using GPS.
Furthermore, the Dashboard is completely customizable by using drag & drop.

Next, the widgets. Pacific includes four widgets: Address, Barometer, GPS Strength and Movement.
The Address widget displays the Country, Locality, Sub Locality, ZIP Code and the Street. Furthermore, the Movement widget gives information about Speed, Altitude, Heading, Latitude and Longitude. Additionally, all this information is just a swipe away and it is displayed in realtime by using the built in GPS.

The downside of the app is that the usage decreases the battery life dramatically as the GPS is always on in order to provide realtime information.

To sum up, Pacific is a great tool which might not be useful for everyone. Nevertheless, Pacific is available for free and has one in-app purchase which unlocks all Dashboard items as well as design customizations.

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