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Holidays are around the corner! Get Bring! to organize your food shopping!

There are just a few days until Christmas and there is a chance for getting stressed when you have to prepare everything for the dinner on Christmas evening. And that is where Bring! comes in.


Bring! is here for you and saves time by assisting you with your groceries shopping list directly on your phone. Simply add all items by entering them in the search bar and they are on the list. Additionally, as soon as you added a new item on the list everyone who has joined your list, like family members, gets a notification that the list has changed. Furthermore, Bring! Is available on iOS, Android and on the web which is really helpful when you have different operating systems as it works almost everywhere. Another big benefit is the implementation with Amazon Alexa and Google Home where you can add lists without touching your phone.

And the major benefit: Bring! is available for free without any ads!

Get Bring! (iOS)

Get Bring! (Android)

Bring Web

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