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Spark – a fast and reliable mail client

It is hard to find the perfect mail client nowadays, as it needs to be fast, reliable and should look nice as well. Spark from Readdle fits all of these requirements and that is why we chose it for a review.


First of all, Spark supports almost any mail provider out of the box (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP,…) and there is also a desktop version for macOS available.

Spark has a much wider feature palette than the built-in mail app like the Smart Inbox feature which groups mails in different categories, for example in Newsletter, personal messages and so on. This makes it much easier to filter out important messages and messages that are just newsletters or not that important. Furthermore, you can also pin messages which are shown in a extra category as well.

Spark iPad + iPhone
View of the inbox when Smart Inbox is enabled.

Next, the search function. Spark gives instant results (yes, searching is really fast) to your query which could be natural language or specified commands like pdf, which just looks for emails with pdf attachments or images and other document types. Another benefit is the Spotlight integration which enables searching for emails natively through the Spotlight.

Another noticeable benefit is Snooze. With Snooze you can reschedule emails to any other date and time which is very handy as you don’t forget to read or answer them as you get a notification at that specific time. A good example is following up on emails from Friday on Monday (this is very practical for work).
A quite similar feature is send later which gives you the opportunity to schedule when a mail is sent to the recipient.

Snooze view.

Additionally, Spark is ready for iOS 11 as you can attach every file which is available in the Files app to your mail. Especially, drag & drop makes attaching files very fast and simple. And they got you covered with direct integrations like Google Drive, OneDrive and many more.

Why you should use Spark?

Spark is a really fast mail client for iOS and macOS with a very clean design. Furthermore, the rich notifications on iOS are really useful, as you can view almost every styled email directly from the notification by using 3D Touch (for example a whole mail newsletter from Amazon). This also works on Apple Watch!

Next, privacy and security. Readdle takes privacy and security seriously as they are transmitting everything through a secure network connection. Additionally, the account credentials are stored on their servers by using asymmetric encryption. (Read more about asymmetric encryption; read more about Sparks privacy)

To sum up, Spark is a better alternative to the default mail app with a wider feature palette!

Get Spark (iOS)

Get Spark (macOS)

Spark Website

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