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Day One – the digital diary for everyone

Day One is one of the first available apps in the digital journaling category. Starting in 2011 the app has evolved to the leading digital diary which is available in the App Store. Currently, the app is just available on iOS, macOS and a web-app which lets you view your diaries. Additionally, Bloom, the company which is developing Day One, will support Android in the near future.

A powerful digital diary.

Even though there are several alternatives to Day One, it offers a few unbeatable features. It lets you create entries with all important data like photos, your location, step count, which music you listened when you created the entry, the weather and finally your written notes. Additionally, you can add tags to entries to make it easier for you to lookup multiple associated entries. Through its powerful bulk editing features, you can easily add tags, change the location or relocate entries to another journal later. Furthermore, Day One includes an activity feed which lets you quickly add entries by showing you suggestions of locations where you have been and photos you took in the past days/weeks. In order to use the activity feed functionality, the location settings must be set to “always”.

Day One iPhone-1
Left: the most important view – shows all entries in a journal and lets you quickly add new ones; Middle: a detailed entry view; Right: the Journal switcher view (upper left corner)

Day One iPhone-2
Left: map with your locations where you already created an entry; Middle: brief overview on which date you created entries; Right: displays all images taken in a diary

This leads to a very important topic: Privacy.

Day One is designed to prevent strangers from looking at your journal by supporting a passcode lock. However, you can use Touch ID or Face ID if your device supports those features. As Day One syncs to its own servers they enabled end-to-end encryption which is super secure. (Read more)

Next, pricing.

Bloom has recently changed the pricing model to subscription. This means you pay a yearly fee of $34.99 per year ($24.99 per year when you purchased Day One 2.0) which unlocks Day One on every platform.

Final words:

Personally, Day One is the journal app which fulfills all necessary features, like embedding images, tagging entries and embedding locations where you have been. Even the music which you listened to whilst creating an entry is saved which is interesting, as you often connect moments with it. Additionally, its very reliable sync with end-to-end encryption makes me feel comfortable and Bloom seems to take security very seriously, as this is very personal and confidential data.

Nevertheless, I recommend Day One to everyone who loves to capture moments on the go!

Get Day One (iOS)

Get Day One (macOS)

Day One Website

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